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Holiday World

Holiday World & Splashin' Safari

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got back this morning from my very first trip to holiday world it was a blast but to those of you who like a LOT of coasters don’t go they only have four but there INTENSE. the voyager is the longest and maybe even the fastest its supposed  to be like you’re on a ship. (diffidently feels like it.)  the legend is the roughest my suggestion DO NOT put your hands up you go up hill turn right drop down and go strait into a quarter helix and well you get the idea.  now i don’t know if you ever been on it but the raven is a lot like the screamin’ eagle.  now we’re on to the fourth and final roller coaster its a water one its called the…………………… wildebeest it takes so long to get through the line but definitely worth it you sit in like this four person torpedo looking thing  you go up on a conveyor belt and oh did i mention all you have to hold you in the seat is handle BARS.  and then we rode a four person raft ride that was a mix between the big kahuna and the royal flush.  well that’s about all i rode so if you ever decide to go hope you too have a ball.


omsm(oh my sock monkeys) hilarious

want to see more by him search this artist on weird Al Yankovic

I am having a  contest which ever one of these songs gets the most votes wins.   bleed it out by Linkin Park,  sing by My Chemical Romance,  thats what you get by Paramore,  born this way by Lady Gaga, love the way you lie by eminem featuring rihanna, you lie by the band perry, or thug story by t-pain featuring t-swift

Random invader ZIM quotes.

  • (ZIM) “GIR WHY WAS THERE BACON IN THE SOAP!!!!!” (GIR)  “i made it myself” 
  • (ZIM) “Please Gir no more waffles” (GIR)  “babababababba”. (ZIM)  “Fine Gir”.  (GIR) “YAAAAY!!!”
  • (ZIM) “GIR GET OFF MY HEAD!!!!!! finally i can smell vic-GIR GET OFF MY HEAD”!!!!!!
  • (ZIM) “Gir clean up this mess”.  (GIR) “I DON’T WANNA!!!!!! okaaay.”     

This song gets stuck in your head

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campfire song song from Spongebob

This song is supposed to be relaxing except it’s not.

If you want to find more info on Spongebob visit the Spongebob Squarepants website.

This is a funny and creative song. I think you might enjoy it.

If you want to find more info on Spongebob visit the Spongebob Squarepants website.

doom song from invader zim

doomdadoomdoodoomdoomdadoo 6 months later “GIR QUIT SINGING!!!!!!” doomdadoomdadoodoom “ooooooohhhhhh.”

hehehe I’m random so if you want to read my blog you’d bett wheesnaw!!! what was i sa kabalap!!! oh i was about 2 say get uset 2 m… shackkacke!! weirdn… BECKELAPSER!!!!!!!!!!! ness hehehehehehehhehehehhehehehehheheh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m in need of more free FAMILY FRIENDLY role playing sites, so if anyone has any good ones please comment them to me.